Lifestyle Cleanse

Our Lifestyle Cleanse (also known as detox programme) at The Bodyworks Practice in Shoreham, West Sussex are one of the most beneficial cleanses you could undertake, it will take you back to basics, giving you a clean slate,  so we can balance and support your health.

You will not look back!

Every aspect of your health is taken into careful consideration so you gain maximum benefits.

All of the products used are completely natural and have been known and used for centuries to support the metabolic pathways in your body.

Why do a Lifestyle Cleanse?

Excellent question, the body does naturally cleanse itself but we are constantly bombarded with all kinds of nasty’s which were not so dominant years ago such as: processed foods, sugars, pesticides, alcohol, drugs, pollution and stress to name a few. Symptoms you may experience if your body is congested:   Fatigue, constipation, IBS, headaches, migraines, weight gain, nausea, mood swings, spots, eczema and waking between 1 and 3am.

What is included?

Ideally to get the most out of it you will be juice / broth fasting, this means each day you drink juices and / or broth.  If this sounds too scary or overwhelming we can tailor the programme to suit you.   You will also be consuming cleansing drinks (which fill you up and draw waste into it) and taking other cleansing supplements.

So you get the best possible results whilst doing this cleanse we are more than happy to offer you discounts on other treatments (see list below) whilst you are cleansing to suit your individual needs.  These treatments are additional costed and will complement the programme you are on  assisting your to your new lifestyle.

If you choose to have colonic hydrotherapy with your cleanse you will receive nutrition advice within this treatment, giving you helpful pointers and tips to ensure you get the most from your experience, and helping you stay on your path afterwards.  If colonics is not something you wish to undergo, there is some basic nutrition advice to follow in the cleanse plan or you could choose to have a naturopathic consultation at an additional fee – see below.

Should I do anything to prepare?

Before you undergo one of our cleanse programmes it is advisable to prepare your body to allow for a gentle transition from where you are, to where you will be heading.

The more time you prepare your body the easier your body will find it and the less side effects you should experience.  7 days or more would be ideal but, even if you are only allowing a couple of days the below is recommended to avoid

Before your cleanse you should try to avoid:

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Sugar
  • White refined flour products
  • Wheat
  • Red meat
  • Dairy
  • Smoking

Each day try to included the below into your day:

  • Start each morning with ½ fresh lemon in hot water
  • Drink 2 litres of filtered / bottled water each day
  • Drink ½ pint of fresh veggie juice daily
  • Try to eat plenty of fresh veggies and salad
  • Consume up to 2 pieces of fruit daily
  • Choose foods that have come from the earth with as little processing as possible.
  • Consume organic white meat or fish if you eat animal products
  • Get plenty of rest and try not to get stressed
  • Consider taking some milk thistle to help regenerate your liver

Whilst cleansing we suggest that you do not take any other supplements other than what we provide.  Do not discontinue medications

What should I expect?

Everyone responds differently; some experience headaches, nausea and reduced energy, others feel amazing throughout.  Typically by day 3 any symptoms significantly reduce   If you are doing 5 or 7 days then you will generally feel better each day thereafter, noticing that you are not hungry and more alert with increased energy.  Most clients who have carried out this cleanse say that the colonics are great for quickly making you feel better and they wouldn’t do the cleanse without this service.

How will I feel after? 

Our clients report they feel great, they have more energy, they feel lighter and much more positive, their complexion is clearer, they are having healthy bowel movements daily, their eyes look sparkling and their bloating has vanished with noted weight loss.

After your cleanse you should begin to take a good probiotic / acidophilus supplement for at least 1 month to assist in balancing you gut flora for a healthy new you.  We stock these here, or we suggest that your purchase these from the


All prices exclude the fresh bits you need to get, we will provide you will all the cleanse products needed

1 day- relax your body and catch up

£70 includes everything you need without colonic irrigation

£140 includes everything you need plus 1 colonic irrigation

3 days – boost the system       

£105 includes everything you need without colonic irrigation

£175 includes everything you need plus 1 colonic irrigation   

5 days – good cleanse        

£130  includes everything you need without colonic irrigation

£200  includes everything you need with 1 colonic irrigation

£270 includes everything you need with 2 colonic irrigation


7 days whole body ultimate cleanse      

£160 includes everything you need without colonic irrigation

£230 includes everything you need with 1 colonic irrigation

£299  includes everything you need and 2 colonic irrigations

Cleanse programmes can be posted out to you with the additional cost

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