Iridology at the Bodyworks Practice enables you to learn about your health via the study of the iris of your eye. Similar to Reflexology iridologists believe all your body organs and systems are mapped out onto your iris and their current health status may be shown.  Personality traits and behavioural patterns may also be seen within the eye.

Benefits of Iridology

You may begin to understand yourself fully and make positive changes needed to achieve a healthier, physical and mental wellbeing.

You will find out possible genetic and hereditary traits that have been passed down to you and strengths and weakness that you may carry in your own body. By finding out your constitutional make up, areas that need be addressed and emotions that you may be holding onto you will be able to find out what techniques would be best for to follow for optimal health.

Nicole uses a magnifying glass and a specialist camera to see and take close up photos of the iris of the eye. It is non-invasive and you will usually be shown the photo of your iris on a screen.

Iridology is not a diagnosis and should not be used instead of independent medical advice but alongside.

The Iridology Assessment is included as part of the naturopathy consultation. click here for more details


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