Colonic Irrigation

Welcome to our Award Winning Colonic Irrigation Treatment at The Bodyworks Practice, Epsom Downs / Tattenham Corner. I have over 13 years experience in offeing a fresh, modern, clinical approach to this ancient practice of colon cleansing. Wahanda, the online international home for health, beauty and wellness awarded The Bodyworks Practice as ‘Best for Colonic Hydrotherapy’.

To view a video on how colonic irrigation is performed on an exact same system we use at The Bodyworks Practice please click here 

When trying to improve or maintain your health by having a colonic irrigation treatment, what you put in side your body is so very important. So to ensure you really do get the best possible treatment at the highest standard, here at the Bodyworks Practice you can rest assure that you will receive good sound advice for after the treatment to keep you healthy.

I am also a naturopath  (nutritionists and herbalist) which means I am qualified and highly trained to educate you on nutrition, herbs and lifestyle advice to really help you get the best possible treatment and advice to help you on your health journey.  The colonic is just the start of your journey and what you put into your body after the treatment is vital, therefore seeing a naturopath will excel your treatment and knowledge.


The Colonic Irrigation Treatment:

Colonic irrigation or otherwise called colonic hydrotherapy uses warm purified water inserted into the rectum via a small lubricated speculum to work on the bowel (large intestine). It may sound scary and uncomfortable but it isn’t. In fact, it can be quite relaxing and the after effects far out way any thoughts that may be running through your mind at present!

Waste may accumulate in the bowel over time and can have a significant impact on your well being. A wise natural healer, Bernard Jenson used to say ‘Death begins in the colon’.

All equipment used is only used once, it is sterile and completely disposable.

I have 13 years experience in colonic hydrotherapy and am registered with ARCH (The Association and Register of Colon Hydrotherapists) so you know you are in safe hands.

The colon

The colon / bowel / large intestine is roughly 5-6 feet in length and 2.5cm wide.

I believe a healthy bowel will evacuate a stool at least once a day,  it has been suggested that the optimal number of bowel movements is one bowel movement after every meal. So, if you are like most people who eat three meals a day, this suggests you should be going three times per day.

Many people suffer from constipation, constipation can cause many issues.  If left, the constipation becomes chronic.

The NHS (2014) state: “Chronic constipation can increase the risk of faecal impaction, which is where dried, hard stools collect in your rectum and anus.  Once you have faecal impaction, it is very unlikely that you will be able to get rid of the stools naturally.  Faecal impaction worsens constipation because it makes it harder for stools and waste products to pass out of your anus as the path is obstructed.  If you experience faecal impaction, it can lead to a number of other complications”.

Others may go too much which means they may not absorbing their nutrients as the food is passing too quickly through their body.  This may not essentially be just a bowel issue it can be down to a number of factors Including the bowel bacteria which I believe can be re-balanced via the treatment and advice that I offer.


How I do it

I am also a Naturopath meaning i am trained in nutrition, herbal medicine, iridology and lifestyle advice.  I believe, this truly enriches the treatment and ensures that you are well equipped with information and education to help you move forwards with your health.  The colonic is just the start of your journey and what you put into your body after the treatment to improve your health is vital, and also individual to your needs.

I use a closed hydrotherapy, gravity fed tank system, which means the treatment uses the natural flow of gravity to feed the water into the bowel.  I feel, this is the safest method as it ensures there is never any pressure in the bowel it simply flows in and out with the flow of gravity.  All the equipment used is fully disposable, and i will stay with you the whole time throughout your treatment to ensure it is carried out safely and you are receiving specific advice from what we discuss in your treatment.

The most common fear of colonic irrigation is the insertion of the tube so let’s get the embarrassing part out of the way!! The speculum that gets inserted into your rectum is only about 2 inches long and its width is not even the size of some of the stools that you may release in a normal bowel movement.

The treatment itself is very discrete, there are no noises or smells and you lay on your back most of the time. I will stay with you throughout the treatment and control the action of the bowel.  This is done by pulsing the tube in peristaltic movement (wave like motion) and also by filling.  Never should there be pressure in the bowel.  Filling is where the water is held inside the bowel to mimic the effect of the bowel being full, it is not held for long don’t panic usually just a couple of seconds, I will always work with your tolerance levels when filling you should never go past your own tolerable level.

I will work with you throughout the treatment and make sure you are comfortable.  You will also get your abdomen massaged which I believe facilitate the release of stools.

At times, I may use additional aids such as coffee, herbs or good bacteria Implants to ensure you are getting the best possible treatment.

The treatment itself takes approximately 45 minutes. On your initial visit you will be health screened to ensure you are suitable for the treatment which is why it can take longer.

Treating bowel problems has a very high priority tag at The Bodyworks Practice.


Does it hurt ?

NO… Colonic irrigation should never hurt.  At times, you may feel like you want to push or that you have an upset tummy.  But, this certainly is not a treatment that suits the no pain no gain saying.  Working with me throughout the treatment is a must with this treatment.


How many should I have ?

It is normally suggested that you carry out a course of treatments to begin with.

It may be recommended to carry out the first few close together so the bowel can continuously be soaked. Then treatments can be spaced out accordingly.

For a happy digestive system I suggest 1 treatment every 3 months.


Are there any circumstances when a colonic treatment cannot be performed?

Yes. The below conditions are when a colonic treatment would not be carried out at the Bodyworks Practice.

Active infections and active inflammation of the bowel wall such as diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, proctitis etc..

Congestive heart disease, severe uncontrolled hypertension, severe anaemia, pregnancy, liver cirrhosis / disease, long term steroid use, kidney disease, severe haemorrhaging, colo-rectal carcinoma, severe abdominal or inguinal hernias which cannot be easily reduced.

If you are in any doubt about any health issues you may have that are not mentioned then please do ask your doctor for written consent before hand and bring this along with you, or call us to discuss.

I will always take a full case history before commencing a treatment. If there is any doubt we will refer you to your G.P.


I, The Bodyworks Practice does not make any claims that we can cure disease.



Initial consultation plus treatment up to 75 minutes – £85.  Please note a £25 non-refundable deposit is required upon booking your first appointment, this is to be paid via bank transfer.  The remainder is to be paid on the day.

I accept:  bank transfer, card and cash payments

Follow up treatments 60 minutes – £70

Pack of 3 colonics – £195

Pack of 6 Colonics – £380

Packages are valid for 1 year and are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Implants:  These are performed after your colonic irrigation treatment, where a very small tube is inserted into the rectum and implants (one of the below) directly into your bowel so it can take action.  Your bowel is the most effective absorption site in your body so why not take advantage and flood your body with nutrients straight away and restore the bacteria growth.

Please let me know if you would implants on the time of booking where possible.

Probiotic implant £10.  This is where we implant the good bacteria direct into your colon to ensure that any good bacteria that was removed in the treatment is encouraged to grow back with immediate effect. You can also take these orally for one month at least. Probiotic capsules are always recommended if you do not wish to have an implant. I do sell probiotics here

Other implants £10.  Wheat grass, Barley grass, Bentonite clay and many other natural products can be implanted into the bowel.  All with have different effects please speak with me about these I am more than happy to discuss options and advantages with you.

Coffee enema £10. Coffee enemas are used to help the liver detoxify. I would still carry out the normal colonic procedure then near the end I administer a coffee enema to help your liver filter out any metabolic waste (toxins).   You do not need to do anything I take care of it all and, to be honest, you never really feel anything that is going on at the time you should just feel great after. Please note it is advisable not to have a coffee enema after 2pm if you are caffeine sensitive

Herbs/ other – free if needed

You are very welcome to bring your own products too as long as they are safe, depending on what it is you may be charged for the extra time / equipment needed, please do call me if you would like to do this!!



Preparing for Your Colonic Treatment: 

So that you can receive the best possible treatment and I can help you as much as I can the following recommendations are advised.  In the days , weeks, months build up to your treatment time please ensure you drink plenty of water each day, throughout the day (ideally about 2 litres,or just start to increase your water intake).  No caffeinated drinks on the day, try to leave a 2 hour gap from eating and when your treatment starts.  You can eat after the treatment and I will go through all of this with you.  If you take laxatives or use suppositories please try to refrain from doing so on the day of your treatment so I can see what state your bowel is in naturally.

To ensure you are in safe hands I am members of:

I,  Nicole Ferguson am registered under ARCH and CNHC.  Being a member of these associations means that you, the public, can be assured that you are receiving a high standard level of treatment every time and that I have met all the training pre-requisites required to carry out colonic hyrdrotherapy. I am inspected at regular intervals and undertake regular Continuous Professional Development to deliver the best possible treatment, safely and effectively.

COVID-19 protocols – Please bring your own face mask, pen, your own water to drink and just essentials that you need to bring into the room on the day of your treatment.  Please ensure that you arrive on time as I need to make sure everything is properly cleaned for the next client to enter the room.

If you are ‘High risk’  and have been shielding I cannot see you at present.  I will keep up to date with Government guidance about when it is safe to see you.  i am able to carry out virtual appointments.

I have full infection control measures in place according to  my governing body and government requirements.

If you have been feeling unwell or have been showing any signs of COVID-19 please rearrange your appointment.  

You will be having your treatment at your own risk.

Track and Trace – As from Thursday 24th September 2020 every client that comes to my practice is required, by law, to provide their contact details for me to pass onto NHS Test and Trace, if needed.  This is no longer something I am permitted to opt out of.   Therefore, by attending your appointment you are consenting to me passing on your details to the NHS track and Trace if requested to do so.

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