Naturopath Shoreham, West Sussex

Nicole offers a naturopathic consultation with a functional approach.  This means using primarily: nutrition and herbal medicine to help you with the concerns that you have presented.  With the addition of using functional medical testing, when needed, to find the root cause of your problem.

It is becoming better known that the food we eat plays a vital role in our health. Food can have powerful effects on the body be it to help ease disease or create it.  Herbs are also food but in a concentrated form and can be very beneficial when taken in tincture, powder or loose herb form.  As a naturopath these are 2 primary focus points for Nicole to work on.

The objective of the naturopathic consultation is to help the body come back into balance.

When you attend to your appointment via video or phone you can be assured that the main aim is to educate you on your health and to help you understand why and what changes need to be made. Our bodies will always work towards health.

You will be given lots of time to discuss your health concern in the naturopathy consultation so Nicole can understand about your current health and the options that lay before you.

Nicole may request you undertake some laboratory testing this may be: stool, hair, urine or blood depending on what your symptoms are.  Testing, in turn, helps you to save money and time instead of trying lots of different things out.  Testing services are via external labs and are an additional cost. Once your results back you will be required to have a follow up session so your results can be interpreted to help you make the right lifestyles choices to improve your health. This way, both you and Nicole know exactly what needs to be worked on. Nicole works with many laboratories both in the UK and overseas that can do this. This is known as Functional Medical Testing.

Labs used are Genova diagnostics, Regnerus labs, Invivo Clinical, Bio Lab, Cambridge Nutritional Sciences, Mineral check.  Tests most commonly recommended are complete gut profiles, thyroid, adrenals and the DUTCH test – hormone profile.

When your body shows signs of dis-ease this may mean there is also a deficiency.   Food alone will not usually help as our soils are so depleted in many nutrients nowadays and pesticides also kill them off.  Usually herbs and supplements will be suggested.

It is common practice to follow up your session after about 1-3 months depending on what changes are to be made. Many clients come back in for follow sessions monthly or quarterly from here on if needed.

Typical reasons people will come to see a naturopath:

  • Reproductive health both men and female
  • Hormonal balancing for all stages in life
  • Digestive health anywhere from mouth to anus
  • SIBO – small intestine bacterial overgrowth, SIFO – small intestine fungal over growth, candida, parasites….
  • Cancer
  • Heart and or lung health and associated conditions
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Immune related disorders
  • Joint health
  • Mood and related disorders
  • Healthy blood sugar balance
  • Skin Conditions
  • Optimise energy levels
  • Weight issues
  • Detoxification

to name a few….  not one protocol is the same for the next person, as a naturopath Nicole’s work with the ethos of treating the person with the disease rather than the disease itself.

If you have any tests carried out within the last three months with your doctor or similar please bring these along with you.

All consultations are now be carried out via phone / facetime / WhatsApp.


Please note: a deposit of £40 is required upon booking.

Initial consultation 60 minutes £145.

Follow up to £60      45 minutes

Bank transfer, card and cash payments are accepted

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