Is a yeast that is found most commonly in the mouth, digestive system and genital tract.  We all have Candida but it is when it is abundant  and begins to take over our bacterial balance that it begins to cause a problem.  It otherwise more commonly known as thrush.  Candida thrives on sugar and yeast in the body.  So foods that contain this are best avoided for a period of time whilst the person uses a good quality friendly bacteria to re-gain good bacteria balance in the body once again.

When you are able to see Candida in the body it will show as white – cream patches on the skin, in the mouth, penis or vagina.  It can also be present in the gut which is hard to see but you will not feel 100% if you have it high amounts.

Candida can occur in babies all the way up to the elderly.

Candida can also affect the immune system and many people report of feeling generally unwell when they have it in high amounts.

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