Nutritionist at The Bodyworks Practice

What is a Nutritionist?

It is becoming better known that the food we eat plays a vital role in our health. Food can have powerful effects on the body be it to help ease disease or create it.

The objective of coming to see me as a nutritionist is to help your body come back into balance.  Nicole offers nutritional therapy within a naturopathic consultation.

The initial consultation is around 1 hour.  You will be given dietary advice of what foods to avoid and increase to help you regain health.  Other naturopathic advice will be included.

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Typical reasons people will come to see a naturopath:

  • Reproductive health both men and female
  • Hormonal balancing for all stages in life
  • Digestive health anywhere from mouth to anus
  • Heart and or lung health and associated conditions
  • Immune related disorders
  • Joint health
  • Mood and related disorders
  • Healthy blood sugar balance
  • Skin Conditions
  • Optimise energy levels
  • Weight issues
  • Detoxification

to name a few….  not one protocol is the same for the next person, Nicole works with the ethos of treating the person with the disease rather than the disease itself.


Initial consultation up to 60 minutes £145.   Please note: a deposit of 40 is required upon booking

Follow up to £60      45 minutes

Herbal tinctures per week £12.50

Herbal powder per week £7.50

Supplements vary depending on the manufacturer

 NTEC logo This certificate has been achieved in March 2019 for Nutrition                                                                                 and Cancer course

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