Bodyworks Lifestyle Juice Cleanse

My 5 Day Lifestyle Juice Cleanse, by Nicole Ferguson. Director of The Bodyworks Practice

So, Christmas has now passed, for most of us the whole event happened too quickly and we must return to our everyday lives with a bit of a jolt. It’s always hard to avoid starch and stodge when the New Year begins, especially as we will have been subjected to large quantities of it over the festive season. We also have the cold weather to contend with, almost drawing us in with her beckoning icy finger, making us feel we need heavy, hearty meals to warm our cockles.  This is why I decided to do a 5 day Lifestyle Juice Cleanse.  After eating stodge and starch for a few weeks I needed to kick the habit to feel better in myself, reduce that bloated feeling and stop the cravings for those sugary, sweet, unnecessary foods that haunt my thoughts.

I chose to do the 5 day cleanse between a Monday and Friday.  Any cleanse period you decide to do will consist of a cleansing tea each morning, 4 cleansing drinks throughout the day, other cleansing products individually chosen to suit your needs (depending on what you are looking to achieve) and as much water, herbal teas, coconut water and veggie broth as you like.  I have my own juicer at home so I was juicing veggies daily and I made a hot broth which is delicious for the evenings and warms you up.

Before I started the Lifestyle Juice Cleanse, I was 7lbs heavier, my tongue had a slight white coating, the white of my eyes were not bright, my skin was looking dull and my tummy was bloated. Sound familiar?!

First thing Monday morning I had the bit between my teeth (yes I had brushed them thank you) and was ready to go; I drank my cleansing tea and consumed my 4 cleansing drinks throughout the day which consists of clay, fibre and other natural herbs/nutrients (including licorice [not the sweet] and pectin) mixed into apple juice. I gobbled down my cleansing capsules (bespoke to me) which flood my body with essential nutrients to aid the cleansing process. I will be honest with you, at times I did feel hungry, although this generally meant that I had left more than 4 hours between my cleansing drinks so I would quickly mix one up and drink it then have more juice or water which quickly sufficed my hunger, admittedly not the same as food, but this is a juice fasting cleanse.

Each day I followed the plan and noticed that after day one I no longer felt hungry (a number of our clients claim they feel hungry, yet this is more of a state of mind and is linked to our habits around food and meal times), my energy was getting better, my complexion was clearing but my tongue was getting whiter! This is a sign that the body is cleansing; your tongue is part of the same continuous digestive channel or tract where food, or in this case cleansing drinks, will eventually exit from.

I benefited from doing home coffee enemas over the 5 days, aiding in the flushing out of my system. I knew I had a busy week and it would be hard to fit in a colonic irrigation session (which plays a huge role in flushing out the bowel of waste matter) until the end of the 5 days. Colonic irrigation is a huge part of the Lifestyle Juice Cleanse and really pushes my body to the next level; dull aches in my head vanished and I really felt cleaner on the inside, less sluggish and more fresh and vibrant. Please note that although colonic irrigation play a huge role in the cleanse, they are not compulsory and in some cases may not be appropriate. We do offer an external colon massage as an alternative too, but again, not compulsory.

I won’t lie to you, on my final day I was ready to stop.. I was glad to see the bottom of the glass of my final cleanse drink and put myself to bed. There was a strong desire for food and I think bed was a safer place for me.

Day 6 I woke up and broke the fast, my breakfast was slices of pineapple and apple. It is a curious thing you don’t actually feel that hungry, because your stomach shrinks over the 5 days and your digestive enzymes slow down, it is impossible to put too much in there, and you also reach the stage of listening to your body. I also want to point out that your taste buds are given a new lease of life, they work overtime and you can REALLY taste food in all its wonderful spectrums and colours.  I then took myself off to The Bodyworks Practice and had my post cleanse colonic treatment.  As always I was amazed at how much I released after not eating for 5 days, however I felt extremely satisfied and pleased within myself, it is quite an achievement after all and I was still alive – very much alive actually more than I had been for a while! I was surprised and very happy that I had lost 7lbs in 5 days.  I truly noticed it around my waist line and my clothes were fitting much better.  My skin had no blemishes, my eyes were sparkling and my tongue had no coating on it.  Best of all my eating habits had changed, I had no desire to eat mince pies, chocolate or anything too heavy. I was motivated to eat healthy get back down the gym and could happily say no to glass of vino! I know..

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