What is Love?

‘What is love’ was a 1993 hit for Trinidadian-German Eurodisco artist “Haddaway.” It reached the dizzying heights of number 2 in the UK singles charts but was not my favourite song of the year dear reader. It was an eclectic year for chart music as I recall, we had the likes of Chaka Demus and Pliers with “Tease Me. 2 Unlimited told us over and over and over again that there is “No Limit” (to how annoying a song can be!) House of pain told us to “Jump around.” Take That and Lulu relit our fires. And Mr Blobby topped the charts for 7 weeks. 7 long weeks!! How did we every let that happen?

I was 16 and to say I was heavily influenced by music is an understatement. I wanted to listen to everything out there. I wanted to learn all the words to all my favourite songs. I would sit there patiently by the radio with my fingers hovering over the play and record buttons (you had to press them both to record on my old Aiwa system) to capture all the words to Snow’s “Informer” (or at least what I thought were the words..) My biggest decisions each week amassed to what 7 inch was going to wind its way into my record collection. Life was easy, Life was carefree. I didn’t have to worry about whether I want to be in our out of Europe. I didn’t have to sift through hours and hours of TV coverage of referendum debates to understand that I was thoroughly befuddled (what a great word), banjaxed and flabbergasted (another one of my favourite words). I promise I will keep my thoughts on anything EU to myself. What I am saddened by is the rip that has now torn its way through the country, dividing families and friends, work colleagues and neighbours. We seem to have lost our way a little, we have lost the love mon ami.

So What is Love and do we really need to read about it Karl!? Yes, yes I say we definitely need to read and learn a little more about it. If we don’t then my work here is all in vain. I will be saddened by your lack of compassion for my passion for love in this new era we find ourselves in. More, now than ever we should be mindful of those in our lives and how our actions and thoughts shape our relationships. The news has been filled with catastrophic events from shootings, stabbings, race hate and homophobia to name but a very few of the headlines we are intravenously fed each day. It literally makes my blood boil (I started this newsletter on Monday afternoon and now sadly/inevitably/predictably/disappointingly England’s exit from the Euro’s on Monday night has bought further hate to our doorstep). Sigh!

The Daily Mail used to run a cartoon on the back page called “Love is….“ Illustrated by Kim Casali. They were very cute, sassy and simply drawn (this is by no means derogatory) messages of what actions could simply be termed as…. Love! Ahhh, beautiful. James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem (who made a cracking return at Glastonbury this weekend by the way) sang that “love is an astronaut, it comes back but it’s never the same.” Such a great lyric!
I want to provide you with more of a framework to hang your heart on than cartoons and songs. Rules, guidelines, protocols, call them what you like. They are a sure way of thinking about the other person/people/animal(s)/vegetable(s)/mineral(s) (delete as appropriate) in your life. I cannot lay claim to fame on these 5 easy notions, I am merely the middle man here. These beauties are the brain child of Gary Chapman, author of “The 5 Love languages.”
1. Words of affirmation – Encouraging, supportive words; Regular praise. Tell someone how nice they look. Affirming that the top they wearing really suits them.
2. Acts of service – Doing something for someone that you know they would like for you to do. Rubbing a back or foot. Doing that DIY job. Taking the dog/cat/kids/grandparents out for a walk. Making a nice brew
3. Receiving gifts – Giving presents with thought, effort and meaning behind them. This extends to gestures too (PS, it is my birthday coming up next month, so email me and I will tell you what I want : ))
4. Quality time – Simply undivided, uninterrupted, unrivalled attention.
5. Physical touch – Holding hands, cuddles, hugs, a sympathetic arm around the shoulder, massages, fist bumps, high 5’s (ok those last 2 are a little tenuous as the contact time is nanoseconds, but you get my drift)

These 5 key elements make up the periodic table of love (could have been a Barry White song that..) These are the foundations for ALL good relationships. What are your priorities? Can you place those 5 elements into a top 5? Each of us is unique and individual, meaning that our needs are exclusive too. How does your partner/friend/mother/sister/work colleague fair? What are their top 5’s? To build a good relationship, enhance a current one or to mend a broken one you could do a lot worse than straying from these 5 simple love lore’s.

Here is The Bodyworks top 5 (I have used some artistic licence here, simply because I can dear reader. This is more of a list of how we provide you with these 5 laws. Your top 5’s should be what you want from a relationship):
1. Physical touch – This is what we are all about. Without the ability to touch our patients we simply wouldn’t have a business.
2. Quality time – What more can I say?! Anytime spent within the peaceful little haven of 7 Nork Way is bliss.
3. Acts of service – Your wish is our every command! Ok, not quite. As Meatloaf sang in 1993 – “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.” Your health is the pinnacle of our priorities (sounds much more professional)
4. Words of affirmation – Not only do we tell you how fabulous you are, we offer reassurance and professional help and guidance to get you back on track
5. Receiving gifts – We try to do this regularly. So, here it is (it is a blooming long newsletter for this one short message Karl!! I know, I know. But it’s been fun right?!) We are offering 10% off the following treatments in July:

Swedish massage Tuesday 10-5 with Sam
Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Pregnancy Massage Wednesday 10-3 with Meg, Michelle and Naomi
Call 01737 850117 or email us on info@thebodyworkspractice.co.uk to book your appointment

As you can probably tell I have used some artistic licence here (it is my newsletter after all.) This is more of a list of how we provide you with these 5 laws. Your top 5’s should be what you want from a relationship, what your priorities are.
Go forth mon amours, spread the “Power of love.” We can “Heal the world,” we can live in “Sweet harmony” because “We are family.” (All number 1’s in the UK in 1993)
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