Win, Win, Win Wednesday

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now Win, Win, Win Wednesday. What a week it has been. Did any of you take advantage of the ridiculous savings over the weekend and in many cases the week before? I was on Oxford St last Friday lunchtime and I was amazed at just how busy it was. I had totally forgotten it was Black Friday and didn’t put two and two together to figure out why so many people were out and about! It was manic! I much prefer sitting at home in my pants (ok, maybe too much information) doing all of my shopping. It’s much less stressful. I get to wear what I want. I don’t have to say ‘excuse me’ every 5 seconds. Nor do I get constantly bumped and barged about. Stress free shopping. Ahh, my kinda shopping.

Well, now you can sit in the comfort of your home and enter 2, yes 2 amazing giveaways from us here at Bodyworks! You can of course enter these prize draws when you are in the clinic too. We just wanted to make it easy for you Because we are nice like that!

Prize Draw 1 – Elemis Facials

1st prize – one Elemis Facial

2nd prize – 50% off voucher for an Elemis Facial

3rd prize – 25% off voucher for an Elemis Facial

The draw will take place on Friday 6th January 2017 and the prize must be used by 31st March 2017. You can gift your prize to a family member or friend or you can use your 2nd or 3rd place voucher to pay for a full Elemis facial for Valentines Day or Mothers Day next year! Only one entry per person though please. For more details on the Elemis facial click here

Prize Draw 2 – Access Bars Session

The winner will receive a free Access Bars session at Bodyworks.

This gift is perfect for those wanting to make meaningful New Years resolutions. To start the new year with a new you and a fresh focus. Access Bars is a great way of shrugging off old worries and fears, focusing on the present and making plans for there future. For more information please click here to read all about the treatment.

The draw will take place on 19th December and the session must be used by 31st march 2017. You can gift the voucher to someone else. Only one entry per person though please.


To enter online please email us with the subject “Elemis Prize Draw” or “Bars Prize Draw” to  You must enter each draw separately. In the email you will need to copy, paste and fill out the following details:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Email Address
  • I am happy to receive mail regarding future promotions   Y/N

Good luck!

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